Paper Submission & Guidelines

Submit Paper Via


How Review Manuscript Submission Can Be Done:


  1. Refer Template – Paper Format: [ASL Format Paper] (Example template)
    Minimum Page = 4 and Maximum Pages = 5 Pages (For Six and  above = MYR 400 per additional page)
  2. Make sure your paper is under 20% similarity score (Check with Turnitin or similar tools).
  3. Page with normal fee is limited to FIVE (5) pages. Extra page fee is USD 100 per page if you exceeding 5 pages.
  4. Submission is Full Paper Submission (Not Just Abstract) – Make sure in PDF format.
  5. Submit Paper Via  [EDAS]
  6. All Authors must be registered under [EDAS]

After Acceptance (If your paper -> ACCEPTED (As Is/Minor/Major)


  1. Make sure your paper is PAID status by making a payment to the organizer.
  2. Name a Presenter by visiting your paper [EDAS] information link and click + sign under Presenter row. Check the radio button selection and hit “Add Another Presenter” button.
  3. Download Copyright from[ASL Copyright]
    – Download, sign, scan and upload into [EDAS]paper ID
    – If you have TABLE or FIGURE that reproduced from ORIGINAL AUTHOR (OTHER PAPERS) make sure to get permission from the ORIGINAL AUTHOR/PAPER and fill in the form below:-[ASL COPYRIGHT PERMISSION REQUEST FORM]– Append together with COPYRIGHT FORM as A SINGLE PDF
  4. Final Manuscript submission – in .DOCX/.DOC Only (not PDF)
  5. Done

Presentation Method

  1. Each presentation carry 12 minutes of presentation with 3 minutes question and answer.
  2. Presentation during the conference day must be in English.
  3. Each session will be chaired by one Chair Person and Time Keeper.
  4. Any additional rules will be implemented from time to time during the presentation day by the Head of Registrar Committee.
  5. Any information kindly email to
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